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#PlannerAddict Ballpoint Pen

$1.25 USD
Barrel Color

#PlannerAddict Ballpoint Pen

Super smooth and comfortable grip! We tested this pen on several paper types, and it writes beautifully. The rubber finish on the barrel is also feels very comfortable in your hand.


   • Smooth-write ink

   • Rubber finish

   • Black ink

   • Medium ballpoint - 1.0mm

What our Customers Say

“I FREAKING LOVE THESE PENS!!! They're the perfect hybrid between a ballpoint and a gel. The ink is so black, it writes soooo smooth, and I love the matte finish of the pen. I need 50 more.”

“These pens are my favorite! They write so smooth and don't smear.”

“These have become my new favorite pens to use at work! So smooth and dries quickly.”

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