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30-Day Challenge Bundles - Strength and Cardio - Planner Stickers

$11.00 USD

Complete multiple 30-Day Challenges to tone your body!

Choose the Strength or Cardio Bundle to track your progress through multiple 30-Day Challenges. Use these stickers to keep yourself motivated to finish each challenge!

For more details on the individual challenges, click the links below

Strength Bundle Details

30-Day Arm Challenge

30-Day Plank Challenge

30-Day Lunge Challenge

30-Day Squat Challenge

Cardio Bundle Details

30-Day Cardio Challenge

30-Day Endurance Challenge

30-Day Jump Rope Challenge

Challenge Guidelines

   • Perform each exercise for the specified amount of time/number of reps once per day

   • The amount of time/reps for each exercise increases gradually to help you build your strength

• The steady increase ensures you are getting stronger each day and are able to complete the final day of each challenge!

   • Perform one challenge at a time, then start the next one, or if you are feeling strong, complete all four challenges simultaneously!


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