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Shine Foil Weekly Kit - Choose Your Foil

$18.95 USD
Planner Format

Shine Foil Weekly Kit

Over 150 planner stickers to help you plan your week and decorate your planner! Three of the six sheets include gold foiling!

  • Stay organized
  • Focus on achieving your weekly goals
  • Decorate your planner with unique designs and foil!

The JUST THE FOIL option only includes the foiled sheets (Sheet 2, Sheet 5, and Sheet 6)

Foiled Sheets

  • Sheet 1: Pattern Boxes
  • Sheet 5: Date Covers
  • Sheet 6: Washi Strips

Full Box Size

   • EC Vertical: 1.90" H x 1.50" W

Paper Type

   • Premium Matte Vinyl: Smooth sticker paper with vibrant color quality